How Do You Build a Wood Canoe?

How Do You Build a Wood Canoe?

To build a wood canoe, use two marine plywood sheets for the canoe's sides and a 1/4-inch plywood sheet for the butt blocks. Attach the pieces, and use a putty filler and resin to finish the seams. Finally, affix the gunwales, deck plates and dowels, and paint the canoe.

Using a cutout plan, mark and cut the shapes of the boat's two halves from the plywood sheets. Duct tape the pieces of the bottom panel. Cut the 1/4-inch plywood to 8 inches in width and 2 inches shorter than the center seam's length for the butt block. Glue it on the seam on the side opposite to the duct tape.

Cut two halves each of the left and right side panels, duct tape them and affix butt block in a similar manner. Set the glue overnight. Duct tape both the panels on the canoe's bottom. Affix three thwarts at the appropriate position.

To finish the inner and outer surfaces and seams, apply epoxy fiberglass resin on the surfaces and epoxy wood putty filler on the seams. Cure overnight. Then, apply epoxy resin, followed by fiberglass tape and epoxy fiberglass resin on the seams.

Next, screw gunwales made of 1-by-1/4 inch hardwood strips, remove the thwarts, and screw dowels made of hardwood instead. Also, screw the deck plates at the bow and stern tips. Apply epoxy resin on the screw tips. Finally, paint the canoe. Alternatively, apply fiberglass cloth and three coats of epoxy fiberglass resin.