How Do You Build a Trap?


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Make a simple fixed snare trap by first taking a breakable twig and winding a length of wire around it several times. Twist the twig in a propeller-like motion to close the end of the wire. Remove or break the twig if necessary to open the eye that was created and then form a noose by looping the wire through the eye. Position the snare over a burrow and attach the other end to a sturdy pole or branch.

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Make a basic bait stick snare by tying the end of a spring pole to a snare line. Bend the spring pole until the snare line makes contact with the ground and put a forked stake at that location. Tie the end of the snare line to the end of a trigger line and tie a pencil to the opposite end of the trigger line as a toggle. Feed the toggle under the fork in the stake at a right angle. Finish the trap by setting a baited trigger stick at the end of the toggle.

When the trap is set properly it should spring with no delay. During testing and construction, keep hands and fingers away from the trap's noose. The noose is capable of causing lacerations, removing a finger and cutting off flesh if caught in the trap during triggering.

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