How Do You Build a Snow Fort?

How Do You Build a Snow Fort?

Whether you plan on building a four-walled fortress or a smaller compound to shield yourself from snowballs, you must measure out the space you need, and build snow bricks for the fort's structure. This process takes a few hours to complete, and you need measuring utensils and small empty boxes.

  1. Plot the area where you plan to build

    Measure out the space you need. Using a shovel, broomstick handle or branch, trace the perimeter of the fort in the snow.

  2. Build snow bricks

    Pack snow into any container or box that is uniformly shaped and easy to fill in order to create your snow bricks. Moist snow is ideal for building snow bricks.

  3. Construct the fort, and fill the gaps

    Place your bricks a few inches apart. Fill the gaps by packing snow into the empty spaces. This solidifies the foundation. Lay new bricks on the first layer, and continue stacking until your fort is high enough to crouch behind.

  4. Solidify the fort

    Once the fort is constructed, pour cold water on the foundation. This water freezes around the base, creating a sturdy fort. Once the base is frozen, continue to pour water on the fort until the entire structure solidifies in the ice.