How Do You Build a Skateboard Deck?


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Build a skateboard deck by gluing several thin pieces of wood, called veneer, together in a hydraulic press. After the glue is cured, sand and smooth the deck, and coat it with a sealant. Drill holes into the deck to install the wheels.

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The preferred species of veneer for skateboard decks is Acer Saccharum, or hard maple, which is found primarily in the Northeast region of the United States. Typically a veneer is 1/17th of an inch thick, and a standard deck uses seven veneers in the construction process. A standard deck is 10 millimeters or approximately 1/4 of an inch thick. The glue used to adhere the veneers together is a polyvinyl assembly adhesive that consists of non-toxic, water-based glue and a catalyst that speeds up the drying process. The veneer glue can typically be obtained through manufacturing websites. Purchase the press used for the initial process of building the deck from an industrial supply store or built it yourself. To effectively mold a skateboard deck, the press must provide a minimum of 5 tons of pressure. After you have molded, sanded, buffed and primed the deck, finish by giving the bottom of the skateboard deck a screen print design.

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