How Do You Build a Skateboard?


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To build a skateboard, choose the right deck, select the wheels and bearings, choose the right trucks, grip tape, and risers, then assemble the parts with nuts and screws. This process takes approximately an hour to complete.

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  1. Choose the right deck

    To choose the right skateboard deck, consider your height, size of your feet, and weight. Choose a lighter deck that is easier to maneuver when skating but strong enough to withstand your weight.

  2. Select the wheels and bearings

    Choose skateboard wheels that have a higher durometer. The number of the durometer indicates the hardness of the wheels. For example, a skateboard wheel labeled “a95” is harder than the one labeled “a70.” For a stronger skateboard, choose bearings that have a precision rating of 5.

  3. Choose the right trucks, grip tape and risers

    Select a skateboard truck that has a medium height and is equal to the width of the deck. For stability when skating, choose a strong grip tape, rigid bushings and higher risers for your skateboard.

  4. Assemble the parts

    Use a dry piece of cloth to wipe off dust from the skateboard deck, place the grip tape on the skateboard, and then trim the edges with a pair of scissors. Use nuts and screws to join the remaining parts under the skateboard.

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