How Do You Build a Roping Dummy?

To make a roping dummy, attach aluminum tubing and a bungee cable to a wooden sawhorse. This 45-minute project requires a portable wooden sawhorse, aluminum tubing, a bungee cable, a hammer, a permanent marker, a measuring tape, a drill with a wood-boring bit, a jigsaw and a 1-foot length of an old wooden fence post.

  1. Drill a hole in the fence post

    Lay the fence post on a flat surface, and make a mark 1 inch from one end and equidistant from either side. Drill a hole through the post, starting at this location. This is the channel for the horns.

  2. Mark the post

    Measure 2 inches down from the hole, and draw a 2-inch horizontal line. Draw an identical line 4 inches below the first. Connect the markings with vertical lines, forming a rectangle.

  3. Drill the corners

    Drill through each corner of the rectangle, then use the jigsaw to cut along the connecting lines. Remove the rectangular cut-out, and set it aside.

  4. Insert the pole

    Insert the aluminum pole through the horn channel. If you wish to bend the horns, hit them with a hammer.

  5. Assemble the sawhorse

    Assemble the sawhorse, and push the top beam off center so one end protrudes past the legs. Slip the fence post "head" over this end, and tap it with the hammer until it is firmly seated.

  6. Fasten the head with the bungee cable

    Slip one of the bungee cable's hooks over one of the aluminum horns. Bring the cable down and under the top beam of the sawhorse, and loop its other hook over the second horn.