How Do You Build a Reloading Bench?

To build a reloading bench, cut pine boards to the required size, and join them to form the frame and legs of the bench using wood screws. Affix plywood on the frame, and a pegboard to its side using screws.

To make the frame of the reloading bench, cut two pine boards to 2-by-4-by-40 inches and two more to 2-by-4-25 inches. Place the boards to form a rectangle, with the 25-inch long boards kept 37 inches away from each other. Use 1-inch screws to join the boards at their ends.

Cut four pine boards to 2-by-4-by-30 inches, and attach one at each corner of the frame and perpendicular to it using one screw per corner. This forms the bench's legs. Make the bench stand upright, and attach four 2-by-4-by-40-inch boards between each pair of the bench's legs so that they are positioned 15 inches beneath the frame. Use 3-inch screws for this purpose.

Now, affix a 28-by-40-by-3/4-inch plywood on the frame using two 3-inch screws per board. Keep a gap of 20 inches between the screws. Similarly, affix a 28-by-30-by-3/4-inch plywood piece to the board beneath the frame. Maintain a gap of 5 inches between the screws.

To attach the pegboard measuring 40-by-48-by-1/8 inches, position its 48-inch side flush with the frame's 28-inch edges, and screw it to the 40-inch long boards using four 1-inch screws. The pegboard should stand 36 inches above the bench.

Then, position two 1-by-4-by-48 inches pine boards flush with the 40-inch long boards and both the 48-inch edges of the pegboard, and screw using 3-inch screws. Finally, screw four 1-inch screws, one on every edge of the board, via the 48-inch long pine boards and the pegboard to secure the attachment.