How Do You Build a Putting Green?


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Build a putting green by first marking the parameters and removing the grass. Next, add a base in the desired shape of the green, and compact it with a vibrating-plate compactor. Finally, create the hole, and lay out synthetic green.

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  1. Shape your base

    Lay out your synthetic grass in the desired area and mark its corners with set-out paint. Set it aside and connect your marks. Next, you may remove that portion of lawn with a mattock or a rake and hoe. Decide the design of your putting green by laying out rope and tracing it with the paint.

  2. Add your layers

    Lay out road base first and use a rake to level it out. Make sure you fill any hollow areas. Next, compact the base with a vibrating-plate compactor. This should assist in leveling the area and may be used for contouring. Spread crusher dust on top and use the compactor once more.

  3. Complete the green

    Use a post-hole digger to create your hole. Next, lay out and stretch the synthetic grass over the area. Secure it with hammered in weed-mat pins. You may use a utility knife to trim any surplus grass. Landscape the border of the green with soil and grassy plants. Finally, find the putting hole and carefully remove the grass that covers it.

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