How Do You Build a Plastic Deer Hunting Blind?

How Do You Build a Plastic Deer Hunting Blind?

To build a plastic deer hunting blind, mark the required space on the ground, dig along the outline marked, put gravel in the dug area to even the surface, and insert planks of the required height into the corners. Use 2-by-4 boards to make the walls and roof of the blind, and attach plastic sheets on them. Make a door on one wall, and create a rectangle-shaped hole on the opposite wall.

Begin building a plastic deer hunting blind by measuring a rectangle-shaped area of the required size on the ground. Dig the area's outline to a depth of 1 foot using a shovel, spread gravel in the dug area, and position 4-by-4 boards of the required height at the four corners. Ensure that 10 percent of the board's height goes into the ground.

Place plastic sheet on the gravel so that it extends a few inches beyond the blind's perimeter. Cut 2-by-4 boards to the required size for the blind's walls, and affix between the 4-by-4 boards using wood screws. Make one wall slightly higher than the others to make the roof sloping. Now, attach 2-by-4 boards for the blind's roof in a similar fashion.

Identify the wall that faces opposite to the deer's foraging place, mark the door on the boards, and cut using a circular saw. Affix hinges to the door and the wall to attach the former. Place rubber mats on the plastic sheets for good grip.

Next, attach plastic sheets on the walls and roof of the blind using screws. Make a 1-by-5-foot rectangular cutout in the wall opposite the door, and line it using 2-by-4 boards. Position a plastic sheet over the cutout, and affix only its top edge.

Finally, place netting over the blind, and add dirt to its sides to camouflage it.