How Do You Build Your Own Recumbent Trike?


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To begin building the recumbent trike, start by choosing the primary materials for the trike's frame. Gather the necessary welding technologies and equipment as well, and then review the recumbent trike's design to begin visually planning. After selecting the metal, choose the appropriate parts and tools.

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Proceed with the construction by reviewing the fabrication instructions for the different sections of the trike. Construct the main tube areas, and then construct the trike's rear end. Prepare your fabrication station, and fabricate the drop-outs, the seat and chain stays. When all of the parts are ready for assembly, fit the stays to the frame.

Continue by fabricating the frame web gussets, and then build from scratch or modify new hubs for the stub axle usage. When this is complete, choose the steering system for your needs, and then proceed to construct it. Complete the steering system, and then build the steering knuckles.

Once the basic assembly is complete, finalize the steering system by constructing the over-seat and under-seat sections of the steering system. Build the bottom bracket assembly, and then build the seat. With these components complete, proceed with the chain management system, and then make the necessary final assemblies and adjustments to put the trike together.

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