How Do You Build Your Own Ice Fishing House Trailer?


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Ice fishing house trailers can be assembled from kits or made from scratch with DIY knowledge and time. The house should be well-insulated, light, and have access to the ice through the floor.

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There are many different styles of ice fishing house, made from a range of materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic or even vinyl. Some examples can be seen on Web Urbanist, an architecture, design and technology website.

The following steps will produce a wooden ice fishing house with a tarp roof suitable for mounting on skis or a trailer, states Outdoor Wisconsin, an online magazine.

  1. Gather three sheets of plywood for the walls and floor. Lay the sheets for the ends of the house across sawhorses and use a pencil and string as a compass to cut them into arch shapes.
  2. Cut a doorway and ventilation holes in one of the plywood end sheets.
  3. Add hinges and a handle to the door and mount it on the end sheet.
  4. Erect the structure by attaching end sheets to the floor with hinges. This will allow them to be folded down to make the hut more portable.
  5. Mount a ridge pole along the top of the structure for support.
  6. Staple tarp all along the edges of the end and floor sheets to form the roof.
  7. Cut openings in the floor.
  8. Install heating and seating.
  9. Decorate the trailer.
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