How Do You Build Your Own Camping Trailer?


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To build a camping trailer, use a small trailer, such as a tow-behind boat trailer, as a base, and weld supports at the front and rear of the trailer. Frame the wall with two-by-four boards, and form the walls and floor from plyboard. Use hinges to connect two fold-out wings to the walls, and stabilize the camper with telescope-style supports made from steel conduit. Paint the walls, and attach a tent or canvas to the camper wings and base.

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When making a tent-style camper, cut the two-by-four and plywood to form walls that are 19 inches high, and adjust the length of the plyboard as needed to fit the trailer base. Install the tent so the entrance is aligned with the camper entrance. Attach the tent to the trailer with snap-style fasteners.

To build a teardrop camper, fill in the trailer floor with plyboard, and make a frame for the walls. Attach the walls to the frame, and install a fan in the ceiling before using aluminum to build the roof. Install the interior walls after insulating the camper, and connect a 12-volt electrical system.

Cut holes to form windows and the door, and apply trim to the desired areas. Paint or finish the exterior walls to ensure the camper withstands the weather.

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