How Do You Build a Lifeguard Stand?

build-lifeguard-stand Credit: Carmen Lario Torres/Moment/Getty Images

Building a lifeguard stand is a multiple-step process requiring supplies from a home renovation store. The entire project can be completed in a matter of hours. Shorter stands are appropriate for pools, while taller stands are needed for a large body of water. Supplies needed include treated lumber in two sizes (1x4 and 2x4), one box of stainless steel screws, electric saw, safety goggles and a screw gun or drill.

For a pool-sized lifeguard stand, decide how large the seat needs to be, and use 2x4s to create a rectangle in the appropriate size. Next, cut 2x4s at the height you want the stand. Screw one 2x4 into the inside of each corner of the seat at an 80-degree angle. This ensures stability because the base is larger than the top. Next, cut 2x4s to screw around the bottom legs of the stand. This gives even more stability to the stand. Using 1x4s, cut lengths to fit on the seat and screw them down.

For a backrest, cut three more 1x4s the height of the backrest and attach with screws. Next, cut more 1x4s the width of the backrest and screw them to the three supports. Use 2x4s to create a ramp if needed to climb up the stand. Paint the stand if desired.