How Do You Build a Kayak Storage Rack?

A kayak storage rack is built up for holding two kayaks using different PVC tubes of different dimensions. Tees and 90-degree elbows are also used in assembling and connecting the PVC tubes. Finally, all the assembled components are disintegrated and reassembled rapidly using PVC cement.

Numerous steps are necessary in order to build a kayak storage rack.

Step 1: Cut the two PVC tubes into pieces

Cut two PVC tubes that 10 feet long and 2 inches wide into pieces of varying lengths: two 60-inch pieces, two 30-inch pieces, two 17-inch pieces, four 12-inch pieces, six 6-inch pieces and four 3-inch pieces.

Step 2: Prepare the bottom of the rack with eight PVC tees

Insert 12-inch tubes on each end of a 2-inch PVC tee. Then, insert a 17-inch tube into the central tee. Replicate the same process with another pair of tees. At the end of these two 17-inch tubes, affix another two tees. Finally, place a 60-inch tube between these two tees. At this stage, place the structure in a standing position.

Step 3:Prepare the top of the rack with tees and four elbows

In the four 12-inch tubes, insert the 90-degree elbows, with the ends facing upwards. Insert two 6-inch tubes into the top of the two tees. insert another pair of tees are into the top of 6-inch tubes. Finally, insert a 60-inch tube into the top two tees through the central tee.

Step 4: Finish off the rack with fittings and PVC cement

Disintegrate the rack and rebuild it by placing cement on both the ends of PVC tubes. This process has to be done speedily, since the PVC cement dries up within seconds.