How Do You Build a Japanese Dojo?


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To build a Japanese dojo, draw building plans for the dojo, gather the necessary materials and construct the dojo using those materials. Plans and dojo kits are also available on WoodsShop.com, as of 2015. Japanese dojos don't have strict building requirements, as they are simply halls for training. Technically, any training area, such as a hall or building, can be a dojo.

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Dojos typically have the entrance on the south side of the hall or building so warm, healthy air flows into it. However, some dojos have an open-air design. Dojos also have entry foyers, which are areas slightly lower than the dojo floor. People take off their shoes in the entry foyer and place them on a shelf.

To find dojo plans on WoodsShop.com, visit the site's home page, and click Plans. On the Plans page, click Dojo Plans to view available plans. To order a plan, contact the site owner via email. The site offers kits for pre-designed items and the option to order a custom kit, both of which are also done via email.

Dojos primarily have open floor space, with only the essential items and nothing to distract from training. They have multiple seats, including one top seat, which is the most comfortable and is reserved for the highest ranking person there.

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