How Do You Build an Ice Station for Kids?


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Building an ice station for children involves creating a series of ice-related activities to keep them entertained. These activities involve ice painting, ice target games and an ice building station.

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For one ice station activity, set children up to paint with ice cubes. At least 24 hours prior, mix batches of colored drinks. Pour the drink mixes into ice cube trays, being careful to keep the colors separate. Once the drink mixes are frozen, pop out the ice cubes into separate freezer bags. Set up a station with paper. Children use the colorful ice cubes to paint, and when the paper is dry, they can put the painting up on a wall or fridge.

Set up a target game with ice cubes and plastic figurines. Choose a smooth, waterproof table. Place the plastic figurines on one end and the children on the other. The children slide the ice cubes along the table to knock the figurines over.

For ice building, set up a cookie sheet covered in salt. Children arrange ice cubes in a single layer on the salted sheet. They then sprinkle salt over the ice layer, and they place a second layer of ice on top of the first layer. Children repeat the salting and building until their sculpture is complete.

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