How Do You Build a Homemade Trap or Snare?


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Make a humane mouse trap with a beer can and a bucket, or build a trap for small mammals out of wood. Both traps use peanut butter as bait. Build a small rabbit snare from thin wire or cord.

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To make the mouse trap, spread peanut butter around an empty can. Suspend the can over a bucket using a piece of wire, and prop up a plank of wood leading up to the wire. The mouse moves up the plank, along the wire and falls into the bucket when the can spins on the wire. Once it is caught, release the mouse outdoors.

To build a small mammal trap, build a three-sided cage out of wooden frames and dowelling. On the fourth side, place doweling on the inside of the bottom frame and the outside of the top frame. Tie it to the top frame, but leave the bottom untied. This allows animals to enter the cage, but the movable doweling catches on the cage's bottom when the animal tries to leave. Again, peanut butter is a good bait for rodents.

To make a simple snare, take a length of thin wire, and bend one end in a loop. Twist the end around until the loop is secured. Feed the other end of the wire through the loop to create a larger loop. Anchor the non-looped end to a tree or other large object. Look for animal tracks and droppings when placing the snare.

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