How Do You Build a Fishing Rod Rack?

How Do You Build a Fishing Rod Rack?

Build two sturdy planks that are about a foot and a half tall with a base board between them, then install two supports, one at the top and one at the bottom, that will go across the planks and have notches that will hold fishing rods in place. The length of the supports can be varied depending on how many fishing rods need to fit in the rack.

To make a fishing rod rack, it is recommended to use one by six pieces of lumber, which will be light enough to move but sturdy enough to hold the fishing rods.

  1. Make the sides of the rack
  2. Cut two of the one by six boards to about 1 1/2 feet in length. These will serve as the upright sides of the rack.

  3. Make the base board
  4. Cut a board to the desired length of the rack and install it across the two sides at the very bottom to serve as a base board. This board is what the rods will rest on.

  5. Make the supports
  6. Cut another board the same size as the base board. Then, drill a series of holes across the middle of it that are 2 inches in diameter. Cut the entire board in half the long way, so each of the 2-inch holes are split in half.

  7. Install the supports and finish
  8. Put one of the supports across the top of the rack and one 10 inches above the base board. Make sure that the notches face inward on both of the supports.