How Do You Build Deer Stands?


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When building a deer stand, you first prepare the frame of the floor and then attach plywood sheets on the floor. You should then build and secure the side walls to the frame. The final step is to build and attach the front and back walls to the frame, says Freedeerstands.com.

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How Do You Build Deer Stands?
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Deer stands are inexpensive to build; one just needs the right tools and materials. You need to have plywood, lumber, wood glue, wood screws, galvanized bolts, washers, galvanized nuts, latch, hinges, gloves and goggles. One also needs a Skil saw, electric power drill, wood drill bit, adjustable wrenches, speed square, tape measure, pencil and chalk line. Camouflage sheathing is used to ensure the hunter and the structure remains invisible. There are various stand plans available, depending on hunter’s preference. Deer blinds are portable, ladder-type, grounded, easy-tree, weather-proof or enclosed.

Building a deer stand requires 3/4-inch by 4-foot by 8-foot plywood and 2-by-4 lumber, which are cut according to the blind-type being constructed. When building an easy-tree deer stand, you need to insert climbing rungs, side supports, a deck and swiveling chair.

The instructions and plans for building portable, box, ladder, freestanding, ground and easy-tree deer hunting stands are available at Freedeerstands.com. To effectively camouflage the deer stand, use the right materials, place it near trees and drape it with braches over the sides. The hunter can adjust the shooting height by adding ladders, inserting windows or building inexpensive blinds with camo burlap stapled to wood sticks, says Freedeerstands.com.

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