How Do You Build Deer Hunting Blinds?


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To build a simple deer blind, weave branches and other natural materials together to create a wall. To make a portable deer blind, staple burlap to pieces of 1x2 wood, and attach barn spikes to the bottom of the wood pieces.

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How Do You Build Deer Hunting Blinds?
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When building a deer blind, refer to local regulations, and obtain permission from the land owner, if necessary, before constructing the blind. To make a blind out of branches, weave the branches tightly to form a wall with several window openings. The window openings should be at eye level to allow the hunter to see the surrounding area clearly, and the top of the wall should be slightly higher than the shoulders when the hunter is in a sitting position. Allow the top of the blind to remain open.

To make a blind out of burlap and wooden poles, pound the sharp end of seven barn spikes into seven 54-inch pieces of 1x2 wood poles, and cut the end off each barn spike. Space the poles out evenly along an 18-foot piece of burlap, and staple the burlap to the poles, leaving a 2-foot piece of burlap to serve as a doorway. To set the blind up, stick the barn spikes in the ground to form a small room-like structure. If required by local law, place bright orange markings on the outside of the blind before use.

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