How Do You Build a Crawfish Trap?

build-crawfish-trap Credit: Morten Falch Sortland/Moment Open/Getty Images

To make a crawfish trap, use hardware cloth to make a cylinder shape with inward-facing funnels on each end. The trap should also have a door to remove the crawfish. The trap can typically be completed in about an hour.

  1. Make a cylinder with hardware cloth

    Using 1/4-inch hardware cloth, cut a 20-inch-by-24-inch rectangle. Roll the cut cloth into a cylinder, and fasten it along the seam using 16-gauge wire.

  2. Cut a circle from the hardware cloth

    Cut a circle that is about 12 inches wide. Cut the circle in half, and use one half to make a funnel by pulling the straight edges together. Fasten the straight edges together with wire, and repeat the process with the second half of the circle to make two funnels. Cut the tips of the funnels off to create a 2-inch opening.

  3. Fasten the funnels to the trap

    Use 16-gauge wire to attach the funnels to the cylinder shape. The narrow, open end of the funnel should point inward, toward the center of the cylinder.

  4. Add a door

    Cut a 4-inch square in the cylinder, and place a 4-inch piece of hardware cloth over the opening. Fasten the cloth with wire on one side and twine on the other side.