How Do You Build a Composting Toilet?

How Do You Build a Composting Toilet?

Use a composting toilet to reduce fecal matter into compost. When using a composting toilet, collect urine in a separate container. Gather lumber to build the box for the toilet, hinges for the top, four identical five-gallon buckets, a standard toilet seat, hand tools and fasteners to build the toilet.

  1. Build a box

    Construct a box that is 18 inches wide, 21 inches long and 10 inches deep from 3/4-inch plywood. Make the top by hinging together an 18-by-3-inch and 18-by-18-inch piece of plywood. Cut an opening in the top large enough for one of the five-gallon buckets to fit. Install legs on the box while adjusting the height to allow half an inch of the bucket to extend beyond the top of the plywood.

  2. Install the seat

    Turn the seat bumpers on the toilet lid approximately 90 degrees from their original position, allowing the seat to sit directly on the bucket while still being supported by the bumpers. Attach the seat to the box lid using appropriate screws.

  3. Provide sawdust

    After each use, sprinkle sawdust over the waste to control odors. Once the bucket is near full, dump the contents in a dedicated compost pile. Cover with straw and allow nature to create organic fertilizer. Urine, uncontaminated with feces, is sterile. Use directly on plant soil or add to the compost pile to increase the mineral content of the mix.