How Do You Build a Bat Box?


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To build a bat box, take the appropriate measurements, cut out the frame, put the frame together, and secure picture hangers to the back. Mount the baseball bat brackets and the box to the wall, and place the bat inside.

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  1. Measure the frame

    Take measurements of your baseball bat. Use 1-by-6 boards for the project. Measure out the desired length and height of the box on the boards, adding length for 45-degree miter cuts.

  2. Cut the boards

    Clamp the board into a miter saw set for a 45-degree angle. Cut each board, ensuring there are angles on either end of the pieces.

  3. Assemble the frame

    Apply wood glue to the mitered edge of each board. Place the pieces together, and use clamps to secure.

  4. Secure the frame

    Use a drill to drive 2-inch wood screws at a slight angle into the corners of the frame. Make sure the frame is secure. Do not remove the clamps until the glue is dry.

  5. Finish the frame

    Use sandpaper to smooth out the surface of the wood. Remove the dust with a damp cloth, and allow to dry. Stain or paint the wood as desired.

  6. Attach the picture hangers

    Place a key hole picture hanger on the back of the bat box. Mark the location of the key hole, and use a drill to make a hole in the wood deep enough to accommodate a screw. Use screws to attach the key hole hanger to the frame. Attach four hangers total.

  7. Mark the wall placement

    Select the location for the bat box, and mark the placement of the hangers. Place the bat brackets in this space so that the bat is centered, and mark the position.

  8. Mount the baseball bat brackets

    Drive the screws that came with the brackets into the wall according to the spaces you marked. Mount the brackets

  9. Complete the bat box

    Drive the screws for the frame into the wall according to the spaces you marked. Mount the bat box, and place the bat inside.

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