What Are Some of Bruce Lee's Physical Feats?

bruce-lee-s-physical-feats Credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Moviepix/Getty Images

During his lifetime, Bruce Lee accomplished many physical feats, including his "one inch punch," two-finger push ups and his ability to break six inch wooden boards with a single strike. His combined speed, strength and stamina made him arguably the most famous martial artist of all time.

Bruce Lee appeared in more than 20 films. Lee's physical abilities made him a cultural icon and one of the most influential martial artists of his time. Born in San Francisco and raised in Hong Kong, his career was celebrated both in America and abroad, even long after his untimely death at the age of 32.

His physical feats were a big part of his fame. Lee could do push ups using only his thumbs, chin ups using only one arm, and he could perform the "Dragon Flag", a bench lift using only his shoulder blades for balance. He could use his hands and fingers to crush or mark steel and wooden objects.

Lee's speed was legendary. He could throw and then catch single grains of rice using only chopsticks. When performing martial art moves on film, he was so quick that it was necessary to record him at a slower speed to fully capture each of the scenes.