What Is a Boxing Workout Plan?


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A boxing workout plan may consist of jumping rope, shadow boxing, both heavy and speed bag work, sparring, running and weight training. An effective boxing workout should increase endurance, speed and strength.

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What Is a Boxing Workout Plan?
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Standard rope jumping, turning the rope two times for every one jump, and criss-crossing the rope while jumping are effective for improving coordination, quickness and agility. Shadow boxing, which involves punching the air using the mirror reflection as the opponent, is used as a warm up before heavy bag work. Dividing heavy bag workouts into three five-minute rounds, throwing as many punches as possible, increases aerobic endurance and increases punching power. Beginning with two-minute intervals on the speed bag, then dividing the training into three five-minute rounds increases speed and coordination. Sparring with a partner for three five-minute rounds adds a recommended human element to a boxing workout, and weight training exercises, such as shoulder presses, crunches and pull-ups, increase strength.

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