What Are Some Boxing Tips for Beginners?


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As a beginner in boxing, start off by learning the jab, and move on to throwing straight power punches. Practice footwork to maintain proper boxing stance while moving in any direction. Include sparring sessions in boxing training to develop muscle memory, defensive notes, clinching and distancing. Finally, get and stay in shape to develop and improve boxing skills.

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Boxing is a collection of skills and requires that a few basic tactics be prioritized and focused upon. Differentiate between boxing training, punching and defense to work on improving overall boxing skills. Stay calm, drink lots of water, and maintain momentum to last longer in the boxing ring. In contrast to random swings and haymakers, straight punches are more focused and have greater range. Turn the entire body into the punch, and combine hard and light punches.

When in defense mode, stay calm, and do not panic. Hold the hands high and elbows lower, and avoid running around the ring. Step out of the way of the opponent without leaning back. Hard counters aid ground defense and watching the opponent's moves while taking punches helps with counter measures. Avoid waiting for the opponent to finish punching before punching back.

Add regular sparring sessions to boxing training for added technique to each punch. Of course, do not forget the right safety gear to enjoy boxing sessions and to take it to the next level.

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