Why Is Boxing Good?

According to BodyBuilding.com, boxing is an exercise that provides a complete-body workout, improves confidence and relieves stress. A typical boxing session stimulates all muscle groups and utilizes a balanced combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Boxing is also a great confidence booster, as someone who is confident about his ability to defend himself often has peace of mind.

AskMen states that boxing is great for weight loss, better speed and coordination, improved muscle tone and cardiovascular exercise. While many people assume that boxing mainly targets the arms, its emphasis on footwork ensures that the quadriceps and gluteal muscles also receive a workout. Boxing is not an exercise that relies on heavy weights and bulking up. However, it does focus a lot on repetition and is a high-intensity exercise; anyone who regularly boxes can expect to get extremely toned.

Boxing is also great for relieving stress. This combination of strength training and cardiovascular work provides a muscular pump-up that can help to improve psychological well-being. An individual who hits the heavy bag for a few rounds after a hard day often feels a good amount of relief. Alternatively, a boxer who trains by hitting focus mitts and hand targets learns to stay relaxed under pressure.