What Are Some Bowling Tips and Tricks?


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Bowlers improve their skills and talent for the game by practicing how to hold and release the ball, positioning the walk accurately during the release and practicing aim. It is crucial to inspect equipment prior to each game and ensure shoes are not too slippery, the ball is smooth and wrists are supported with a brace for extra support.

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An important tip for beginners is to learn how to hold the ball correctly. Using the dominant hand, position three fingers in the holes of the ball and use the nondominant hand to support the weight of the ball.

Bowlers should always keep the fingers straight without a bow when inserting them into the holes provided. When aiming and releasing the bowling ball, it can help to visualize the angle from the start of the lane to the pins. A common trick to accurate aim is to position the release 5 to 10 feet from the start of the lane.

To improve overall scores, practice the walk to the lane with the ball in hand. Develop a stance by practicing what feels most natural. Most bowlers take four steps before releasing the ball; however, every bowler develops his own style over time based on what feels more comfortable.

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