Why Is Bowling Good Exercise?

Bowling is a good form of exercise because it offers a variety of health benefits in a number of different areas. Bowling is helpful for people who are trying to lose weight, tone and strengthen their muscles, reduce their risk of disease or even improve their social and psychological health. Additionally, bowling has a long history of being used as a fun way to get exercise.

During a three-game series, the average person walks more than half of a mile. For players who are engaged in playing quite vigorously, this can result in burning up to 300 calories. This is due in part to the walking back and forth from the lanes, but also because of the energy expended when lifting and swinging the heavy bowling balls.

Additionally, bowling helps reduce the risk of certain types of health problems. These include stroke, heart attacks, heart disease, diabetes and others. By incorporating bowling into their schedule regularly, those with an otherwise sedentary lifestyle can greatly lower their chances of encountering these health problems and even see improvements in their bone health and blood circulation.

Another unique benefit that bowling offers is the ability to improve a person's social life and health. Because it is often a social sport, bowlers can socialize with one another and meet new friends. This is particularly helpful for people who live alone and are at risk for stress and depression.