How Do You Bowl?

How Do You Bowl?

To bowl, change into bowling shoes, select and hold the bowling ball, release the ball down the lane, and continue play for 10 frames. Playing a full game of bowling usually takes about 45 minutes and requires access to a bowling alley, bowling shoes, bowling balls and scoring materials.

  1. Change your shoes

    Put on bowling shoes. Bowling in regular shoes is not permitted at any bowling alley because they may damage the finish and hardwood flooring on the lanes.

  2. Choose a ball

    Grab a bowling ball that feels comfortable in your hands. Place your middle, ring finger and thumb of your dominant hand in the bowling ball. Use your non-dominant hand to support the weight of the bowling ball.

  3. Throw the ball

    Stand about 10 feet back from the foul line. Lift the bowling ball up to your chin level with both hands. Swing the ball back with your dominant hand as you walk toward the foul line. After you approach the foul line and swing the ball forward, release the ball down the lane toward the pins. Be careful not to step on or over the foul line.

  4. Bowl for 10 frames

    Continue taking turns for a series of 10 frames. Within each frame, each player receives two turns to knock down as many pins as possible. Scores are tallied at the end of each player's turn.