What Are Bobsledding Rules?

The most important rules for bobsledding are the ones related to the weight of the bobsled. There is a weight limit for various types of sleds depending on the competition. The bobsled has a minimum weight limit when it is empty and a maximum limit when full.

For a two man crew, the rules state that the bobsled must be a minimum weight of 384 pounds when it is not occupied and a maximum weight of 860 pounds when it is occupied; this includes the crew and their equipment. A two woman bobsled must be at least 284 pounds when empty and 750 pounds when occupied. Finally, a four man bobsled must be a minimum of 463 pounds when empty and a maximum of 1389 pounds when it is full. All sleds are weighed at the end of a run and in the event that the sled is too light a ballast may be added to it in order for it to reach maximum weight, since heavier sleds move faster.

The track is designed so that speeds of 50 mph to 62 mph are reachable after the first 820 feet. Additional rules involve the requirements for equipment and even the temperature maintained by the runners.