How Do You Bob and Weave in Boxing?


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Bobbing in weaving in boxing requires maintaining a defensive position, watching the opponent's movements, bending at the knees, moving the head and coming up in a position to strike from the outside. This technique requires lateral movement of the head coordinated with vertical movement of the body.

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How Do You Bob and Weave in Boxing?
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Bobbing and weaving begins by approaching an opponent with both hands up and getting within his range. With eyes focused on the opponent's chest and arms, the boxer watches for signs of a punch about to be thrown. At the first sign of movement, the fighter bends at the knees, not the waist, while moving his head laterally so that it moves in a "V" shape. This is done multiple times if the opponent is throwing more than one punch. When the opponent has committed to a punch and follows through, the fighter should come up on the outside and be in position to throw an undefended punch.

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