How Does a Boat Lift Winch Work?


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Lift winches utilize a hydraulic, electric, air or manual-powered drum to wind up and pull out tow and lift cables, according to Grainger.com. The tension of the drum is used to pull specific load capacities, so consumers should choose the correct-sized winch for the size of the boat.

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Lift winches utilize a rotating drum that the lift cable winds around, states Scout.com. Boatlift winches are typically manual or electric, and while electric models are typically easier to operate than manual ones, they do need a power source to operate. The users often have a remote control that they use to operate the system, and the lift features a braking system that secures the cable while it is in use. Some options allow users to manually pull out the cable by disengaging the clutch.

The size of the boat is an important consideration when choosing a lift winch, as boat lifts feature specific load capacities and are only able to work up to a certain weight limit. The length and width of the boat affect the necessary size of the lift, and some can accommodate multiple sizes, which is beneficial for boat owners who plan on replacing or purchasing multiple boats.

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