Where Are Boarders Skate Shops Located?


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Several Boarders skate shops can be found in and around the Los Angeles area. People can find all of the Boarders locations by visiting the store's official website and entering their ZIP codes in the Store Locator.

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Boarders specializes in skateboard apparel, including women's clothing, men's clothing and footwear. The store also sells skateboard gear and accessories such as decks, trucks and wheels. Boarders sells its own brand of skateboard gear as well as top brands such as the Bones Brigade and Anti Hero. Customers can choose to purchase a la carte skateboard parts to construct their own skateboards or they can choose to buy completed skateboards.

Boarders sells completed cruiser skateboards from premier skate companies such as Blind and Spitfire. Customers can find completed longboard skateboards at Boarders. Snowboards are also sold at the store, though it doesn't offer customers boots or other snow sport accessories. Although Boarders skate shops are only located in the Los Angeles area as of July 2015, customers can place orders by phone or on the Boarders store's official website. Boarders skate shop also has a number of social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter, to help stay connected with its customers and share updates about new inventory.

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