How Do You Blue a Gun?

How Do You Blue a Gun?

Blueing a gun is a quick task that can be performed in under a few hours. All you need to get started is a gun blueing product, steel wool or sandpaper, acetone, some clean cloths, gun oil and protective gloves. If acetone is unavailable, denatured alcohol can be used instead.

  1. Prepare the firearm

    Smooth out any imperfections on the gun before using the product. This can by achieved by using the steel wool or sandpaper on any scratches or rust. Degrease the firearm with acetone to stop the gun blueing product from being unevenly spread.

  2. Apply the product

    Wearing the protective gloves, add the gun blueing product to a small cloth and begin applying it to the gun. Avoid using cotton balls, cotton swabs and gun patches as these contain oils and will interfere with the process. Work in small sections to ensure consistent buffing.

  3. Finalize the process

    When you are satisfied with the result, wipe down the gun with a clean cloth. At this point, the finish may appear dull. Buff the area with steel wool in order to give it a nice luster and blend it together with the rest of the gun. Apply gun oil once complete in order to stop the oxidation process.