Where Are Biomass Stoves for Sale?


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Biomass stoves can be purchased online at retailers such as Amazon, Silver Fire and American Energy Systems. Deadwood Stove Company sells a biomass stove that is ideal for camping. Some stove companies offer several models of biomass stoves for home or outdoor use.

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Biomass stoves are designed for outdoor cooking and to provide warmth without the need for a combustible fuel source, such as propane gas. Depending on the model, a biomass stove derives fuel from burning corn, wood or combustible ground scrub. Some models feature a cook stove design, and other models offer more flexibility. Many biomass stoves are portable and can easily be moved when needed.

Biomass stoves such as the Deadwood Stove model have built-in energy efficiency. Practical designs allow the stoves to generate a maximum amount of heat while burning a minimum amount of natural fuel. A pile of dead twigs is all that is needed to create a good burn. The stoves tend to be simple to operate and feature an opening where fuel is added. Getting the fire started usually requires a match, lighter or magnesium fire starter. Some models feature auto ignition. Biomass stoves are constructed of durable metal and other heat-resistant materials. They are clean-burning stoves that have a minimal impact on the environment.

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