What Bike Gears Should a Person Use for Uphill Biking?

bike-gears-should-person-use-uphill-biking Credit: Mike Kemp Images/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The speed a bicyclist is able to go up a hill is based entirely on the gears used, and it's important to use a gear lower than what should be needed. If a bicyclist has to switch speeds while traveling up a hill, he will lose speed.

When headed up a hill, the bicyclist should make sure to maintain a speed relative to the slope of the hill. So, if he approaches at 5 mph, he should still be going 5 mph at the peak of the hill.

The gear used needs to be based on a person's personal needs. A strong biker may need fifth or sixth gear, but a beginner may need to have the bike set to first gear to get up the hill. The gear needed will likely increase as the rider gains strength, endurance and experience.

The bike's cadence and position are also important. The rider should feel in control of the pedals while biking and feel that he is pushing rather than having to catch up to the speed of the pedals.

The position to take during an uphill climb can alternate between standing and sitting, depending on the muscles that need to rest. Most beginning riders will use a seated position to climb the hill, according to Easy Cycling.