What Are Some Bike Games for Kids?


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Stay in Line, Slow Motion and Leap Frog are some bike games for kids, writes Trails.com. These games are helpful for teaching children to ride bikes, improving their skills or just making riding more enjoyable. These games also provide opportunities to teach children about bike riding safety.

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Stay in Line has parents draw a chalk line on the street that is the width of the bike's tires. Parents then challenge their children to stay on the line with both wheels. For extra fun, parents add cans or baskets along the way, creating tollbooths for children.

The game Slow Motion uses a chalk-drawn racetrack and encourages children to finish the race slowly, improving their coordination and balance.

For Leap Frog, one child is the designated leader and has all but the last child follow in a single line. Meanwhile, the last child tries to overtake the leader.

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