Where Was the Bicycle Invented?

bicycle-invented Credit: ULTRA.F/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The first iteration of a contraption resembling a bicycle appeared in Germany in 1817. It was created by Baron von Drais as a means to travel through his garden more quickly. It had no pedals, and the rider used his feet on the ground to propel himself forward.

The next development of the bike came in the 1860s in Western Europe. There are discrepancies as to who first added pedals to the bike. Some say it was German inventor Karl Kech, but the first patent on record belonged to Frenchman Pierre Lallement. The 1870s saw the creation of the high-wheel bicycle as a means to increase rider speed. The popularity of the bicycle grew in the 1890s with the invention of the safety bicycle. The safety bicycle featured a covered chain drive on the rear wheel, a steerable front wheel and equal-sized tires. Small developments and changes constantly being made on the modern bike make it an ever-evolving means of transportation.