What Are Some Benefits of Watching Race Buddy Live on the NASCAR Website?


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Race Buddy on the NASCAR website offers users 10 HD channels broadcasting from live in-car cameras, each a chance to ride along with NASCAR's most popular drivers. Race Buddy also features a live leaderboard and live chat with other fans to complement the viewing experience. For a monthly subscription fee, Race Buddy offers an alternative for viewing live NASCAR races without a cable or satellite connection.

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NASCAR fans wishing to view live races online have two options on raceday: live coverage from NASCAR broadcast partners, Fox Sports or NBCSN, and live in-car cameras from NASCAR.com. To view broadcast coverage online, viewers must have logins from their cable or satellite television service providers. Although other sites advertise having live streaming coverage, many require registration or payment, and most lack the quality of NASCAR's broadcast partners.

While Race Buddy offers viewers control of live streaming video feeds from within the cars, NASCAR.com's other raceday products, RaceView Premium and RaceView Audio, offer different experiences for a smaller monthly payment. RaceView Premium features a virtual race watching experience. Along with by live race audio from broadcasters, officials and race teams, viewers can customize their experience watching 3-D virtual renderings of every car on the track and while in pit road. For those viewers wanting only audio streaming, NASCAR.com's RaceView Audio includes a live radio broadcast along with live scanner audio from the race teams and officials.

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