What Are the Benefits of Using a Hook-Eze?


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Hook-Eze helps reduce the risk of fishermen accidentally hooking themselves while tying a new hook to their fishing lines. This tool also makes the process of tying on a hook faster and easier.

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The Hook-Eze fishing tool is a simple round plastic case attached to an open metal ring via a small metal chain. The inside of the case has a few small plastic protrusions designed to catch and hold different sizes of fishing hooks, swivels and other kinds of fishing tackle.

Fishermen can use the Hook-Eze to quickly tie on hooks for their rods and the lines of friends or family members. It is especially suited for beginner fishermen, children and those who have problems using their hands. The plastic case acts as a protective cover to keep the pointed end of the hook from snagging fingers. It also holds swivels firmly in place so they don't undo the twists when tying them onto a fishing line.

The Hook-Eze also acts as a protective cover over hooks and helps keep the hook secured to the fishing rod. Secure the hook in the plastic cover and slide the open metal ring through a guide on the fishing rod to secure it in place for the next use.

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