What Are Some Benefits of a Suzuki Automatic Motorcycle?

Suzuki automatic motorcycles offer a comfortable and convenient riding experience. Without the need to manually switch gears, this type of gear system appeals to casual riders who do not wish to complete a training course, riders who regularly ride short distances or in stop-and-go traffic, and riders who have some kind of physical obstacle in correctly operating a manual motorcycle.

Motorcycles with manual transmissions are greatly more popular than their automatic counterparts, and the selection of automatic shifting motorcycles is very limited as of October 2015. Suzuki made one full-size motorcycle with an automatic shifting, the 450cc GS 450A, in 1982, though Suzuki does produce scooters that are designed for urban commuters and include automatic transmissions.

Organized gear shifting on a motorcycle is a complex process, and a rider requires some form of training in order to do it correctly. This makes automatic motorcycles popular for beginners, who can have a comfortable ride without the need for training.

During a daily commute, there is typically a busy traffic environment with frequent starts and stops. An automatic transmission relieves significant stress from a rider who encounters these conditions on a regular basis.

Automatic motorcycles are generally known as being less fuel-efficient than manual motorcycles. This is more true in open road driving, where a skilled rider can shift at appropriate times to remove stress from the engine. However, this economy advantage is lessened in short-range, stop-and-go driving conditions.