What Are the Benefits of Sky Diving While Attached to Someone?


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The benefits of skydiving while attached to someone, which is called tandem skydiving, are that it provides a safe and fast method for people to skydive. Tandem skydives only require a short training period, as a skydiving instructor operates the parachute. They also allow people to experience skydiving even if they don't meet the requirements of solo skydiving.

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For tandem skydiving, a skydiving instructor rides on another person's back. The skydiving instructor wears an extra large parachute, while the other person wears a harness to connect him to the instructor. The parachute is able to carry up to 500 pounds, so there is a weight limit for tandem skydiving. Most locations have a weight limit of 225 pounds per person.

The person who isn't operating the parachute only needs about 20 to 30 minutes of instruction to be ready for a tandem skydive. It's safe because an experienced, certified skydiver handles deploying the parachute, controlling the parachute after deployment, and landing safely. The other person gets to experience a one-minute freefall and a four- or five-minute parachute ride.

Solo skydiving has both physical and skill requirements. If a person isn't physically capable of skydiving or isn't able to learn the skills necessary, tandem skydiving provides an alternative method of experiencing a skydive.

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