What Are the Benefits of Deer Blinds?


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In addition to concealing the hunter from the deer, ground blinds are portable and convenient. They can be used on a variety of terrain to accommodate any hunting conditions.

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Although some hunters rely on camouflage suits alone, most use either a blind or a tree stand. Tree stands are popular but they may not be suitable for people who are uncomfortable with heights. Deer blinds are easier for one person to set up and more accessible since they are on the ground. They also often have room for more than one person, so groups of hunters can stay together.

Some blinds are just mesh or netting, but many hunters use commercially available pop-up blinds. These are enclosed and almost tent-like, which can help block wind, rain or snow. Some of these are also fairly spacious, providing the hunter with some room to move around and store gear. They often have a black interior, so hunters can wear dark clothing and keep most of the windows closed, rendering them nearly invisible to the deer. This can help prevent stiffness from long periods of immobility ane give the hunter more flexibility to set up the perfect shot.

Tree stands can be moved around in heavily wooded areas, but ground blinds can go almost anywhere. Many hunters have success placing them in open fields or thickets that attract deer but do not have any large trees nearby.

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