What Are Some Benefits of the BP Motor Club?

The BP Motor Club offers a wide range of benefits including roadside assistance, legal assistance and travel services. The club has three different tiers of membership, and some benefit amounts are increased with the higher tiers.

Roadside assistance is the primary benefit of membership in the BP Motor Club. Members who have vehicle emergencies while on the road get assistance with towing, winching and a reimbursement amount for towing beyond the distance they are covered for. Drivers who are locked out of their vehicles can receive help with emergency entry and key replacement. Members in the lowest tier (silver) are not eligible for lost key return service or reimbursement if BP Motor Club dispatch cannot locate local emergency service for them.

Some legal benefits are also offered. Members can use their cards in place of cash to post bond up to $1,000 for traffic violations in most states. The BP Motor Club also offers a reward for information that leads to the return of a stolen car.

Travel benefits and services include Pathfinder Trip Routing Service, discounts on lodging and car rentals, emergency travel reservation services, and other benefits. Members above the silver level also get a trip interruption guarantee.

Several additional benefits are also included such as auto buying tools, referrals for vehicle repair and warranty repair service.