What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Soccer Player

According to The Complete Soccer Guide, there are eight main benefits of playing soccer, which include: it is simple; it can be played by everyone; it encourages good work ethic; it develops leadership, sportsmanship, perseverance and fitness; and it is a good avenue for socializing. A successful soccer player needs a good work ethic, and must train hard, focusing on the sport. Players typically develop into good leaders in life.

According to AZ Central, there are many health-related benefits to playing soccer, such as cardiovascular exercise, strength-building and cognitive benefits. Soccer players, except for the goalkeeper, move up and down the field running, jogging and walking, which provides them with excellent cardiovascular exercise. The cardio workout strengthens the heart, reduces blood pressure and burns excess calories. Playing soccer also strengthens the muscles and bones; standing on ones feet for 90 minutes is a workout in itself. The core, upper body and arms are also involved in stabilizing movements when playing, and this strengthens them. A Danish study found that women soccer players increased their bone density by 2 to 3 percent, reversing up to six years of bone aging. Playing soccer also has the potential to increase the brain's cognitive abilities.