How Do You Begin MMA Training?


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Getting started in MMA training requires several key decisions on your part. First, you need to determine your long term goals. Next, you will need to review your background and determine which gym suits you best. Finally, you will need to review the credentials of the instructors to ensure that you will receive a high level of instruction.

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  1. Determine your goals

    Determine whether your goal is fight professionally or to become more fit. If your goal is professional fighting, you need to seek out a gym that specializes in MMA. If you just want to improve your fitness level, many regular gyms offer MMA style fitness classes. Keep in mind that some gyms may offer both.

  2. Review your background

    Review your background if you decide to train for professional fighting. Relevant items may include past sports you have participated in. For example, if you have a background in boxing, you may seek out a gym that has a reputation for ground fighting, since that is where you lack experience. Likewise, if you have a wrestling background, you may benefit from a gym that excels at training fighters in stand-up combat methods.

  3. Review the gyms in your area

    Review the gyms in your area to determine which one is best. Some items to look for include the background of the instructors and the fighters who train at the gym. Also look for whether or not a UFC fighter trains at a gym. Once you have found a gym you like, want to check it out or try a class before signing up for a membership.

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