How Do You Become a Pilot Car Driver?

Individuals who want to become a pilot car driver must apply for a pilot car permit or take the pilot car certification class if it is offered in their state, then they should insure their vehicle to be used by a business as a pilot car. Pilot car driver hopefuls should contact businesses that use pilot car drivers to determine which certifications and permits are required by their state.

Pilot car drivers, or pilot escorts, are the workers who drive smaller cars in front of oversized vehicles or vehicles carrying oversized loads to guide the large vehicles and warn others that the oversize vehicle is coming. Pilot car drivers are responsible for taking the safest route and demonstrating safe lane changes. The following steps explain how to become a pilot car driver.

  1. Apply for a pilot car driver's permit
  2. Individuals must contact their state's Pilot Car Unit or Oversize Permit Unit to apply for a permit.

  3. If necessary, take classes and receive the pilot car driver certification
  4. Some states, such as Colorado and Virginia, require pilot car drivers to get a specific certification. If this is the case, individuals should sign up for the class and obtain the certification.

  5. Insure the vehicle for business as a pilot car
  6. Pilot drivers should make sure the vehicle is in top condition and insure the vehicle to determine their rates before applying to become a pilot driver.