How Do You Become a Competitive Cyclist?


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Becoming a competitive cyclist involves learning how to pedal correctly and improving pedal technique, varying the distance traveled during practice, learning to ride in different conditions and learning to ride in groups. In addition to mastering the technical requirements of cycling, aspiring competitive cyclists should learn proper diet and nutrition, which are necessary to maintain energy for training and competition.

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One of the first priorities in learning competitive cycling is pedaling. While the act of pedaling itself may seem simple, differences in pedaling technique affect a cyclist's performance. Pedaling technique involves mastering the basics of pedaling cadence and faster and slower rates of pedaling. It is also necessary to learn to switch gears properly when pedaling.

Distance training is accomplished by starting with shorter distances and working up to longer ones. Competitive events involve diverse terrains, so it is important to learn to ride in different conditions. These include hills and elevations and riding at different speeds. Competitive races involve many riders, so the art of group riding is also a good idea to master. While work is vital to becoming a better cyclist, so is rest. Cyclists should get seven or eight hours of sleep regularly in order to prevent fatigue that interferes with performance.

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