What Is a Bauer Stick Customizer?


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The Bauer stick customizer is an online tool for ice hockey players to customize hockey sticks for regular players and goalies, as of April 2015. The MyBauer tool on the manufacturer's website lets players choose several options on the way to making a hockey stick that fits each player's style.

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Bauer has three choices for regular player sticks and two customizable options for goalie sticks. Players pick a style and click on the desired hockey stick to continue. Customers choose the length of the hockey stick from junior, intermediate and senior players. A junior stick, for players 6 to 12 years old, is 52 inches long. The intermediate stick, for players 11 to 15 years old, is 57 inches long, whereas the senior stick is 60 inches long. People can add a 4-inch extension.

After players choose a length, they pick how much flex they want in the stick. A flex of 77 is the lowest number Bauer makes, while a flex of 112 is the stiffest of the sticks. A lower flex number means the hockey stick has more flexibility. People choose a right- or left-handed stick, then one of 11 patterns based on different shooting styles. Customers pick one of five grips, choose a color, and then personalize the stick with a name and jersey number.

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